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Friends DT / Guild functions

Hello. Sometimes while hovering Friends datatext, LUA error appears: ...\AddOns\Tukui\Modules\DataTexts\Elements\Friends.lua:305: bad argument #10 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Thus thing was fixed on retail version, but still occurs on Classic one. Also, looks like guild kick/promote/demot...

Hovering Friends List

Same here. I am not sure but it looks like Battle.net lags itself sometime, cause it shows some people in warcraft (afk) that currently aren't there. And maybe addon reacts to this Blizzard's lag. But again, I am not 100% sure this is true, just assumption.

Bags menu

Oh crap. So silly of me. I am really sorry. -_- Thanks a lot! (and yeah, I didn't, because I am scared of autosorting function - it always screws my own sorting ways, so I was little bit scared to test it)

Bags menu

Hello. In previous versions, you could toggle display of your bags by right-clicking the button to close inventory menu. Now it just closes it by both right and left clicks. How can I see my nags now after updating to new version? Thanks in advance for your help.

Minimap right click tracking?

Hello. I saw a post here somewhere that game menu should be on middle click and tracking menu should be on right click on minimap (or vice versa). But I have game menu on both buttons and to toggle tracking I need to "relog-tur TukUI off-login-toggle tracking-relog-turn TukUI on". I looked addon fil...

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