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Editing Actionbar problem

Ah nice, I'll have a look and see what I can learn, I didnt't find the part of the code that messed with the backdrop, probably didnt look hard enough, gonna look abit more. What i'd really would want to do is to separate each actionbar so that they each have a backdrop so that I have full control f...

Editing Actionbar problem

So i've been messing around with the actionbar layout for a while now and I have managed to turn the 6x2 left and right bars into 1 9x1 but it seems to be a quickfix version tho, atm the first time I log in my bars look like this until i press the hide top row button then the backdrop is back to nor...

Disappearing AlhanaUI

yeah I think so, it kinda sucks but, atleast for me I wouldnt know where to look rly in the files. I would maybe start with the actionbar file maybe.

edit: removed actionbar and everything in misc, sofar so good, guess I jinxed it now hehe

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