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Target's target bug

You must use pixel perfection to have a clean perfect ui, using other uiscale can result an imperfection of an element like the square on your screenshot.

I will look at the tooltip bug in the next 24h.

Blizz personal ressource display not working properly with 18.22 [Accepted Answer]

Tukui doesn't interfere with blizzard personal ressource, it just disable it when tukui nameplates are ON. Test with just Tukui addons enabled in your addons list and you will see that everything work just fine when nameplates are enabled. Test with no addons at all enabled and you will see that the...

TUKUI update?

If it doesn't occur with tukui only enabled I can't really fix. Look like you need to fix your tukui edit plugin instead.

EDIT: it's a Tukui bug, I verified your error. I'm deploying a fix in the next 10 minutes.

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