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HP Bar over target

Shouldn't be a problem of Tukui but you could try pressing "v" or "shift+v" and see if that changes anything about it. Otherwise its most like some other addon interfering, then you should follow the bug report template and guide.

Bar2 and bar 4 - swapped

Default in Tukui TukuiActionBar1 -> Center - Bottom TukuiActionBar2 (wow name: MultiBarBottomLeft) -> Left of A1 TukuiActionBar3 (wow name: MultiBarBottomRight) -> Right of A1 TukuiActionBar4 (wow name: MultiBarRight) -> Center - Top TukuiActionBar5 (wow name: MultiBarLeft) -> Right side of the scre...

Moving default tukui action bars... is it possible with LUA edits?

With the TukUI philosophy this likely will not be added. You could amend that with a plugin though. https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=106 - Tukui Actionbar Layouts by Maximvs could give you a good idea how to do that. Basically you need a mover frame under the elements you want to move and registe...

Aura Bars Display Issue

Um, well. You configured it right this way. It starts with the buff having the shortest time remaining and from there upwards until 6 are displayed.
So you could change the limit or the sorting direction to get them. Maybe there is also a black/white list?

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