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Blizzard UI Bugs?

Hello Guys, i made some Vids of UI Bugs can you confirm if you get them too with Default UI? Would be nice thanks 1. http://sendvid.com/ys77frg6 (No Bug cause i waited until Vehicle UI loaded) 2. http://sendvid.com/zackgxct (Bug here i didn't waited for the Vehicle UI loading first and pressed "M" f...

GitHub Post Yes or No?

Hello, i'am asking here before creating a Ticket about Issue again. I want a clear Answer now please. In my Ticket https://git.tukui.org/elvui/elvui/issues/241 i ask for Skinning Various Close Button on Frames. Merathilis Answer was: These are the tutorials, we will keep it in the blizz look. Will a...

Minimap Icon Bar

Hello, anyone knows a Addon for to get a Bar of all Minimap Icons that are Skinned in ElvUI Theme?

Browsed through the Addon Section with Keywords but can't find any Addon.

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