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11.25 bug with castbar and name plates [Accepted Answer]

I think when redoing the options layout the castbar option fell under the rug and has only recently been readded in the dev version, I forgot about that. you can download the latest dev version here . WARNING: Azilroka is currently updating the way profiles are handled and while we think most errors...

11.25 No Character screen reveal [Accepted Answer]

Disabling ElvUI doesn't proof that the fault lies with ElvUI, since there are dozens of plugins that autodisable when ElvUI isn't loaded so please try again with only ElvUI enabled (ElvUI & ElvUI_OptionsUI, nothing else starting with ElvUI). if it still doesnt work, type "/luaerror on" then "/reload...

Custom tag [Accepted Answer]

you can either create your own small addon to add that tag, use the new ElvUI CustomTags addon to add it ingame (it should survive updates this way) or download my addon that has a similar tag in "[kmt-deficit:name-veryshort]", altough it adds a bit more and is probably overkill for just that one tag.

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