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Problem with TukUI

Maybe, but from what i can see, the path of your error is not correct. I don't know where you downloaded Tukui but ... 1- Addon is Tukui, not tukui. 2- It's oUF_EnergyTicker.lua inside Tukui, not oUF_energyticker.lua I don't know where you downloaded the addon, but it should not be named like this....

Problem with TukUI

Tukz wrote:
Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:39 am
restart the game, you updated and just did a rl

Sometime when I rename or add files, it need a complete restart of the game.
I updated before I even started the game so that is not the problem. I even restarted the game after the message came up and still same problem.

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