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Prediction of Healing is not working on TBC ELVUI 2.21

I am a S2 PVP player, Prediction of Healing on Health bar is very important to me. This function worked well on 2.18. The screenshots are enclosed, I didn't change any config however the Prediction of Healing disappeared both from MY health bar nor TARGET health bar when first aiding. https://i.imgu...

Hi bros, our official Elvui author decided to make SHAMAN PINK, he/she said we shall use ClassColors however

I spend hours on finding ClassColors for Classic however the addon seems stopping updated. Any one has the link to download the newest one?

Warm regards to each one jump in my post.

[BUG Report] Hello from a Chinese Guild Owner; When will 1.20 be released?

Hello guys, I am a Chinese guild owner with 1K+ members. I have to spend so much time on members' guild level operations. There's a BUG delays several versions of ELVUI Classic that the level up or down button would be out of action frequently. I have to /RL then do it again. The guild control panel...

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