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Imported retail profile to classic and Unitframes don't show level, just "[mLevel] [Accepted Answer]

mlevel isn't a tag provided by ElvUI, it is by a plugin which it seems you have on retail and not in classic.

Go to the Unitframe that is affected - Custom Tags
and change mlevel to [level]

The list of Available tags for ElvUI is in the ElvUI menu - Available Tags.

Minor glitch (bank slot)

1. Test with only ElvUI. To quickly disable all other addons, type in chat in game /luaerror on If you still have the issues, type in chat in game /estatus and upload a full UI screenshot (no cropping) 2. Test with no addons, just the blizzard UI. Upload a full UI screenshot of how it is with the bl...

Character Windows shows Retail and (???) Classic (???)

You can blame DejaCharacterStats for this. Probably it's gonna be fine on April 2nd :P Really? It's DeJa? But why i got it without any update yesterdays evening? Hidden in the sourcecode? By that reasoning, why would it be ElvUI? Was there an update to ElvUI yesterday? This isn’t an ElvUI issue. Pl...

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