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Huge Stutter/lag/fps issue when killing alot of trash/mobs

Addonskins isn’t part of ElvUI. ElvUI is ONLY ELVUI AND ELVUI_OPTIONS_UI No other addons. You have also posted in the Tukui section. xiSchizo as this is for ElvUI, not Tukui, moving it to the ElvUI section. To test with only ElvUI, type in chat in game /luaerror on When you have the issue, type in c...

Default ElvUI visibility settings: Party/Raid Frames [Accepted Answer]

Fatherhere wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:06 pm
Please help with advice, what kind of function does it show its own save in raid frames?
Please don’t hijack threads

Your question has no relevance to the op. Please create your own new thread. I will delete these soon.

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