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How do I disable the Shadow and Light splash screen on log in?

This is for ElvUI, which is only ElvUI& ElvUI_OptionsUI. No other addons, other addons are written by different authors.

You will need to ask the authors of S&L directly either in the dedicated channel below or on their discord (which you can find linked in the S&L section of the menu in game)

Action Bar #s change (including keybindings) - Repeated issue past few updates

**Action bars **- the code between Retail, TBC, Classic has been synced so people can use their profiles on all three WOW versions without having to redo. This may have changed some action bar locations for some. You can move the action bars, `/moveui` / Toggle Anchors Hopefully (it really should be...

Backpack wont show

You have posted in the Tukui section but say you are using ElvUI. There is a troubleshooting guide to follow at the top of the ElvUI thread if you are having issue. Please type in chat in game /luaerror on and test. If you still have the issue, type in chat in game /estatus and upload a full UI scre...

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