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Leylocked Chest

There is no Leave Vehicle icon on these quests.

In order to leave the quest, mouse over your buffs, the tooltip will tell which one you need to click.

ELVui Error

@Mazurati Moved your post in ElvUI Classic Discussion and Support.
This "error" is indeed a taint. These kind of errors may point to the wrong addon.
Please type in chat /luaerror on to disable all addons except ElvUI and test again.

AddonSkins issue

If you don't see AddonSkins options, then there might be an outated ElvUI plugin loaded. Type in chat /luaerror on to disable all addons except ElvUI. After the reload, enable only AddonSkins and Skada. If all goes fine with the options and the embeds, re enable your other addons in batches of e.g. ...

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