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Deleted user?

It was unintentional, and as such we don't expect it to happen again.
In any case, having posted now automatically excludes you, as users considered for cleanup are only those with 0 posts.

What is this?

I uninstalled the client and deleted the Tukui folder 4 times and got the same result each time. The ad-client.php pops up every time. I select to save it, the login window opens, so I log in, where I get another window opens saying it can't find the client, then an empty broken client window opens...

What is this?

Acalade wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:29 pm
I have also Uninstalled, and re-installed Tukui client, worked for a day, then noticed just a few minutes ago I had the dialog box pop up again.
I'm not seeing any issues with this when I open the Tukui Client. Is it still happening to you?

Account Deleted

During a cleanup of inactive accounts, some accounts that were still used were included for deletion by accident. No posts have been lost on the forum, as the cleanup specifically excluded users with more than 0 posts. It was also meant to exclude users that had logged in even just once, but we susp...

What is this?

It most likely comes down to a cache issue. Please try doing a clean uninstall of the app, instructions in the box at the top.

Sorry for the trouble.

What is this?

Hi Soy. I'm guessing it was a side effect of a short outage we had. The file is responsible for displaying the ad in the space of the Tukui Client that says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" in your screenshot.

It's harmless and you can just delete it. Sorry about the trouble.

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