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Updated External Tukui Edit Guide

Maxivmus of MaxUI started to do a guide awhile ago but it hasn't been updated in awhile. when creating an external edit the first thing you'll need is a .toc, it's pretty straight forward ## Interface: 11302 -- if you play retail you want 80205 or it will be marked out of date ## Title: |cff18AA18Pa...

Health %

Base Tukui Config does not offer formatting of health text on unitframes. MaxUI offers some configuration options for HP text including Percent, PatUI defaults health text to use Percent over the mob health library Tukui uses.


the ??? is because of the lib that tries to calculate mob health, you need to fight the mobs for the lib to get an idea of what the mobs health is, power is only going to show when it's not at 100%

Auto add quests

it's working as intended, Vanilla WoW quest frame didn't auto populate that wasn't until like WotLK, and the way Addons like MonkeyBuddy work is they create their own quest frame which Tukz probably isn't going to do for now.

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