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Vendor/Delete Grays problem

I've noticed since I've upgraded the ELVUI that when I open my bags and hit the Vendor/Delete Gray button, that the gray items disappear but I don't get the money for them. Did something change? I searched for this question and haven't found anyone else mentioning it. This is on Classic, guess it m...

11 Classic Issues - Guild Scroll Bar, Minimap Tracker Icon, Chat Entry, Quest Tracker, Quest Log, and more! [Accepted Answer]

Jahfeelme wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:18 pm
I would like to add my bump to these issues, particularly the minimap tracking icon and quest tracker wrapping. Again, not gaming breaking, but just annoying aesthetically. Would like to see fixes of these, if they aren't already in the works.
How about bumping your ElvUI version to 1.08?

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