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option to use LibHealComm-4.0 instead of Blizzard heal prediction API

first things first: thank you for the fix. second: why is it not going to be an option, if i may ask? LibHealComm talks to everyone.. It slows down server performance. This is why MrBuds and I asked for Heal Prediction code to be implemented into Classic Era Expansions. There isn't a single reason ...

[ElvUI] [Retail/Classic/TBC] [Tank|DD|Heal] [MaUI v4] - [Update 25.05.2021]

yeaboii wrote: Sun Aug 15, 2021 4:16 am [anchor][/anchor]how do i fix this seriously love this ui but i constantly get this issue that the Media tag is not working because the Unit frames are showing the custom text and not the numbers
You have Health not health.. case matters.

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