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problem with ElvUI Tookbox,lua [Accepted Answer]

ElvUI\Core\Toolkit.lua:136: attempt to call method 'SetBackdrop' (a nil value) [string "@ElvUI\Core\Toolkit.lua"]:136: in function `SetTemplate' [string "@RematchElvUISkin\RematchElvUISkin-1.2.2.lua"]:328: in function `func' [string "@RematchElvUISkin\RematchElvUISkin-1.2.2.lua"]:530: in function <R...

Addon Skins extraction error

Extraction of AddOnSkins failed: Access to the path 'E:\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\_retail_\interface\AddOnSkins\Libs\Ace3\.git' is denied or this error Extraction of AddOnSkins failed: An item with the same key has already beed added i have tried to set the app in Admin more i have made sure all t...

Cant use profiles

whan I open an alt and I go to profiles and click on the one I want to use. ElvUI say it must reload and it does but it stays as the default UI and not the one I have saved. no mater what character I use its like that since the 8.1 update.

anyone have any help for this thanks

XP Bar missing

I cant get the XP bar to show up. I have it checked and I even moved the bar to make sure its not covered by an other bar. its weird just wondering is if anyone eles had this issue and maybe a fix for it thanks

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