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Restoring Premium?

Hey! Thanks for the response, I apologize as I got busy with work and school and forgot to check up on the issue. Did you have any luck finding any past info on my previous rank? I'm gonna do the form for premium just in case, I can't recall if I had VIP or whatever else there was, but it was defini...

Restoring Premium?

Hey, I'm pretty sure I had Premium or VIP (whatever it was) back on the old site. My username was either Xanthippie or Lynxl
Hope it's not too late to recover it if I did indeed have it, I could've sworn I did

premium restore

I was able to verify your info FourOne. We do not have any of the old data unfortunately, so we have to dig through web archives ;) Hey Blaze, I think I also was VIP or Premium, whatever it was on the old site. Is there a way for you to double check, my name should have been the same, Xanthippie un...

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