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Bag display Mythic + keystone as gray item, auto deletes it as junk if enabled

@Caitlink @Conatus78

Disable everything in Merchant for now. I know what is causing this issue, however I won't be able to fix until january 3 next week. I'm on the road for the holidays.

An update will be pushed on January 3 in the evening for this issue.

Bag display Mythic + keystone as gray item, auto deletes it as junk if enabled

Any word on this? There's been a TukUI release but this still persists, and the bag filter will automatically delete keystones still if enabled. Kind of a big problem. Mazz312 Blazeflack Does this keystone item is also listed as junk on default blizzard ui? Look like a blizzard intended change or a...

The loading circle

We added this loading circle because while loading a page or site, the elements/layout of our site are displayed all wrong until fully loaded. Almost everyone today have fast mobile access or fast internet connectivity, so loading circle is almost non-existent or really fast to load for almost every...

Tukui Client wont download

OP said it doesn’t have any security software running, but after reading his issue, i’m 100% sure there is one running. Probably Windows defender if he didn’t install any AV and probably acting weird with the file when downloaded.

error ingame

Disable all addons except Tukui and Tukui_Config, look if it solve your issue.

If fixed, report the error to maxui author.

If not then I recommend backing up your WTF folder in WoW installation directory and you may need to input this command: /tukui config reset

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