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All text disappearing in combat. [Accepted Answer]

It isn’t clear what text is disappearing. You say all text. Are the text on the Unitframes disappearing. Or is it just the tooltip text (the little box of information you get when you hover over something)? If it is tooltip, go to the tooltip section and change the visibility back so it doesn’t hide...

ElvUI Chat issue

Type in chat in game
/luaerror on

Do you still have the issue. If so, type in chat in game
And upload a full UI screenshot (no cropping) showing the issue and status panel.

To re enable your addons, type in chat in game
/luaerror off

Name Plates Style Filters problem after update

Th is was resolved on discord. So not only did you ma up two (not one post, but two) you also asked on discord. So I found after spending time answering your query, that it had already been resolved. Great, my time answering your post, deleting your other post was just completely wasted. Thanks. You...

Lost Profiles

I hate elvui its so broken when it comes to backup Backing up profiles is something you have to don. Addons do not do this for you. ElvUI has made it quite easy. You can export your profile and save that. Or you can back up your wtf folder. You have two very easy options. But it is ElvUI that is br...

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