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Dragon on target window?

You are using project azilroka?

Go to the enhanced config from the ESC menu. Then click on the project azilroka tab to the left. One of the addons loaded from project azilroka is creating the dragon overlays. Disable Dragon Overlay by removing the blue square in front of it

Capture Bar

Can MovableFrames from ProjectAzilroka move it? Haven't tried it yet. You're probably using AddonSkins and thus ProjectAzilroka too?

AlhanaUI IFilger

I installed LibAuras when I was working on my raidbufftracker. Through the lib you can still get SpellID's I think. Guess I was kinda lucky I had it working almost immediately.... can't explain how it actually works....

Check the MaxUI/Modules/Tools/Raidbufftracker.lua

BNet Toast Frame

Thanks that did the trick. Alhana, I noticed you have overwritten the whole chat function. you can do it with: local T, C, L = Tukui:unpack() local Panels = T.Panels local Chat = T.Chat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- BNet toast frame anc...

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