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Is there any way to get the tooltip to not show numbers in "1.2minutes" format? I mean wtf is a .2 minute? [Accepted Answer]

First part: No, there isn't a way to turn that off. It's provided by Blizzard.

Seconds part:

Well let's do math!
1 minute is 60 seconds which is 10 x .1.

We multiply 60 seconds by .1 which is 6 seconds.

So since we solved what .1 is.. therefore .2 is 12 seconds.

Double Bag fail?!

Hello Guys. First of all, sorry for my Bad englisch! I have some problem with my bags, i Have it two times. One tukuistyle(elvui 12.41) and ony blizzard style. And i dont find a way to fix it! And with my bad english i downt find a post about it. Sorry if this question is stupid. https://i.imgur.co...

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