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Deleted user? [Accepted Answer]

Yeah, my wife uses the client daily and went to update on Friday and it said her account does not exist. I am guessing all she needs to do is re-create her account, login here and post to this thread? There is no need to make a post. We have taken steps to mitigate issues with correct activity info...

What is this?

I uninstalled the client and deleted the Tukui folder 4 times and got the same result each time. The ad-client.php pops up every time. I select to save it, the login window opens, so I log in, where I get another window opens saying it can't find the client, then an empty broken client window opens...

What is this?

Acalade wrote: Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:29 pm I have also Uninstalled, and re-installed Tukui client, worked for a day, then noticed just a few minutes ago I had the dialog box pop up again.
I'm not seeing any issues with this when I open the Tukui Client. Is it still happening to you?

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