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yeaboii wrote: Sun Aug 15, 2021 4:16 am [anchor][/anchor]how do i fix this seriously love this ui but i constantly get this issue that the Media tag is not working because the Unit frames are showing the custom text and not the numbers
You have Health not health.. case matters.

Disable Afk Mode?

cynthia wrote: Mon Aug 30, 2021 6:46 pm Hi, I am new here as a member and I joined because I am trying to find out how to disable AFK mode. I used to be able to, but can no longer find a way. The AFK mode is cute, but it interferes with my playstyle.
General - Cosmetic

Unable to click frames after Master Looting

I am having issues with being able to right click any unit frames after master looting and item. This is not an issue specific to ElvUI because a guild mate of mine is using TukUI and has the same issue. Since they are a similar platform, it may be the same code that is breaking. Version: ElvUI 2.1...

Is there any way to get the tooltip to not show numbers in "1.2minutes" format? I mean wtf is a .2 minute? [Accepted Answer]

First part: No, there isn't a way to turn that off. It's provided by Blizzard.

Seconds part:

Well let's do math!
1 minute is 60 seconds which is 10 x .1.

We multiply 60 seconds by .1 which is 6 seconds.

So since we solved what .1 is.. therefore .2 is 12 seconds.

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