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ElvUI settings issues

Please edit your post, we cant see your Screenshot attached.
The squares are from Blizzard, thats their new indicator for unsupported font glyphs (they changed it from ??????? to [][][][] in 9.0.1).
The only fix is to use a font which supports your symbols/letters.


ElvUI options -> NamePlates -> General -> click "Reset CVars"
then go to NamePlates -> Style Filters -> Dropdown and click "Clear Filter" for both "ElvUI_Target" and "ElvUI_NonTarget"
and make sure other style filters are disabled (greyed out)

Icons buggy

Try to reset the pet bar to default using the following button:
ElvUI options -> ActionBars -> Pet Bar -> Restore Bar
if the issue still persists after clicking the button and a reload try the following command:
/luaerror on

LuckyoneUI • 08/11/2020 • All Roles • Discord Community • Plugin available

I'm trying out different UI's to see which one I like the most but I'm having some issues with nameplates and unit frames even after uninstalling the luckyUI. Any idea on how to remove this classification from either of those? ^ This was answered on my Discord Hi Lucky. Love the UI but I'm having tr...

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