Load specific raidframes via LUA


I am looking for a way to dynamically load the different raid frames (raid and raid 40 specifically) via LUA.
My problem is, that I can't setup all conditions correctly since I can't utilize dungeon difficulty in the "load" strings for the units.

So I want to write my own WeakAura that handles all conditions for me as I want and then want to load the raidframes accordingly.
I looked into the code and found the place where the smart raid frame option takes place but the conditions just don't match my needs.

Is there a way with a relatively simple LUA Snippet to activate/deactivate a specific raid frame that can be done without modding the ElvUI files themselves (which I could do, but don't want to, because it would break on updates)?

Ideally I can write some simple custom LUA code in a WA that does it.

Paul :)