Unit Frames - Target - Cast Bar

Hello! Got a question about cast bar. I wish for my target castbar to be filling reversed (from right to left). There is a reverse option for unit frame castbars. But. Those reversed castbars somehow change the background color of castbar. Cant change it even with custom colors for the one castbar. Reverse option doesnt change spell icon position, spell name position, casting timer position. But those ones can be handled other ways. The main problem remains with that unchangable background color of reversed castbars (if my player unit frame has normal fill direction with choosen color, and target has reversed fill direction with forced color, i just wish to synchronize those colours :D).

And one more thing i find strange for me. Aura indicators for unit frames (for example party frames) dont have option to display their auras in growing direction. There s only option to set up the position for each aura individualy, where i want to display it on the frame. I just wish to display those auras nicely from one spot and if other auras ll come, they ll grow in some direction from that one spot. Theres similar option for buffs and debuffs for example. Those just growing nicely! But. U know, aura indicators have their own role and i would wish to set up them nicely :D.

Thank u for any help or recomendations! I love ElvUI addon and big thanks for developers! :)