Disappearing AlhanaUI

Recently started having an issue and several other people have reported it to me as well. I'm not getting any .lua errors or other visual glitches, and there is no specific thing that replicates it. The UI completely disappears almost like you've pressed Ctrl+Z however pressing Ctrl+Z doesn't restore it, If you press enter and type /reloadui when this happens the UI comes back

Addons Currently running
AlhanaUI 4.08
Tukui 18.11
AddonSkins 3.80
ProjectAzilroka 1.26 -- Sidenote @Azilroka the .toc for this still says 70300

It generally seems to be related or happens when AddonSkins & ProjectAzilroka are installed but no specific thing triggers it. One time it happened during a raid, then a BG, one time setting datatexts and another time setting squareminimaps up or just completely random. Any thoughts or ideas what might be causing this issue?

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