Disappearing AlhanaUI

Just tested a BG with my druid, UI disappeared completely as soon as I entered.
Step 1 - Deleted my unit frames problem still persisted.
Step 2 - Going to go lua file by lua file deleting and re adding until I can narrow down the issue.
That's the only option I can think of at this point.

Disappearing AlhanaUI

Yea I removed the Actionbar stuff and just added the part back to move just the Stancebar. I also edited some of the other files to remove some redundant aspects that may have been causing some interface lag as well. I ran about 5 BG's after this and no issue so far. I want to run a few BGs on a different toon first to see if anything happens before I upload this most recent release.

Update: 4.12 still has the issue though less frequently

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