Lua Error after logged in. Installed only addons recom. at AlysiaUI's homepage.


I got this Lua Error (Shown via mediafire link on section below) right after logged into Golden Classic Azeroth as in the one before dumb gameplay simplifications. Lua Error has Elvui & the Addon mentioned so i guess putting up the bug report is ok. I tried to figure out what would be causing by reading the Lua Error, but couldn't recognize. I installed recommended addon + just one & that's classic's Benikui. (recom. ones written on this page ^^) & ofc Elvui. Right at launch receving lua error that mentions tooltip & then a bit later came other lua error that has 2x pages. Didn't change actionbar settings or any other when went through Benikui's install phase so that can't be the reason for lua error(s).

No clue why get that tomtom required for waypoints note (shown at image with lua error) as i haven't installed any addon that would provide simplification coords.Images related to this problem: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/wzgsp43 ... 7dh/shared I have a monthly sub to mediafire & no regrets so far. I want to have same setup as screenie has at ElysiaUI's homepage here in Tukui.com https://www.tukui.org/classic-addons.php?id=36 Then maybe make small changes if see em needed w comes to own taste. Couldn't see the profile code at ElyiaUI's page so hope to get it from it's developer. Excited to use this UI & rest of the addons w my Shammy Healer in beautiful Classic Azeroth <3

Kindly: Fedaygin
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