Customization of friendly nameplates in instances  [Accepted Answer]

As we all know Blizzard blocked access to friendly nameplates in raids but some very basic customization is available by CVar modifications.

Most common question: Can I have name only friendly nameplates in raids? Answer is: Yes.

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/script SetCVar("UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName", 1); SetCVar("nameplateShowOnlyNames", 1); SetCVar("nameplateShowDebuffsOnFriendly", 0)
UI reload might be required!

Sadly names are not class colored and you can't remove server name.
Technically you can change font but you need to replace entire font file.
Additionally this approach have two additional pitfalls:
  • Raid icon anchor is not moved above the head.
  • "Normal" name renderer must be on (UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName).
Personally I use nameplates everywhere and completely disabled name renderer. This entire mess is automated by small script:

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local f = CreateFrame("FRAME", "NameplateToggle")
local function eventHandler(self, _, ...)
   local _, instanceType = IsInInstance()
   if instanceType == "party" or instanceType == "raid" then
      SetCVar("UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName", 1)
   elseif instanceType == "pvp" then
      SetCVar("UnitNameEnemyPlayerName", 1)
      SetCVar("UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName", 0)
      SetCVar("UnitNameEnemyPlayerName", 0)
f:SetScript("OnEvent", eventHandler)
SetCVar("nameplateShowOnlyNames", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateShowDebuffsOnFriendly", 0)
This show Blizzard name only friendly nameplates in instances, only nameplates outside instances and red enemy names on battlegrounds to increase visibility (when they are out-of-range for enemy nameplates).

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