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Azilroka wrote:
Sun Dec 29, 2019 6:39 pm
hook_menu_alter wrote: hi there. having the same issue as spark. i'm using version 1.57 - thank you.
Spark wrote:
Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:54 am
Hi, i want to use your addon mainly for the Movable Frames part, but unfortunately the position of the Windows aren't saved. So every window opens in the top left corner, which i want to change. Thanks for your help
Are you using more addons? Shadow & Light? MoveAnything? BlizzMove? The upper left issue.. is conflict of multiple addons fighting to set it up.
Oh yeah... Deactivating Movable Frames @ Project Azilroka and Re-Installing Shadow & Light and deactivate in there movable Windows. After that activated Movable Frames @ Project Azilroka and it seem as it is working for me now.

Thakns for your hint.

Project Azilroka

@azilroka - I'm getting a notification in-game that my version of Project Azilroka is out of date (running 1.57 when 1.58 is the latest version). When checking through the Tukui client, there is no update to install, however if I search for it in the Twitch client, the update is there (but the client doesn't recognize that I have the addon installed).

Will you be updating the Tukui client version too, or should we switch to downloading it from Twitch (or updating it manually)?



Project Azilroka

It has to get manually updated to the Tukui website (and therefor the Tukui client).

You can update manually this time or use the twitch client, whichever you prefer. I’m sure it will be updated to Tukui soon.
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

Project Azilroka


I'm having an issue with the iFilger module in ProjectAzilroka. I'm using the Procus module and I have set it to show 5 buffs in a row. When I log on, the anchor is loaded smaller and buffs show up in the wrong position. After going through iFilger settings and 'just' clicking on 'Number per Row' option (still keeping it at 5) fixes the anchor and buffs show up in the correct position. You may find the screenshots below.


iFilger Config

After setting the number

In 'ProjectAzilroka.lua' in my account saved variables folder has the line '["NumPerRow"] = 5,' under the module section I use but it seems it does not load.

Any solution in mind ?

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