Sexy Maps not working correctly with ElvUI and Benik Edit

I logged in and updated all my plugin's and UI items cause i haven't in a few days that my sexymap won't work with my UI anymore. (I'll get to what it is doing in a sec) Yep, Just sexy map.

I Disabled everything put in my UI ELVUI and Benik Edit and their associated add-ons, then I started with the things I absolutely couldn't live without. Bags, zygor, Xtolevel, xloot and then when i hit sexymap my quest list shoved itself all the way to the side of the screen. I couldn't get it to move even with the toggle in ElvUI. So, i disabled it ... it went back it looked a bit hight to me but it wouldn't lower. nothing would.

So I went to change my profile to the same one I had and notice that my nameplate is off the picture is over my name I try to fix what all i see is off on the screen but nothing will move it is like it is frozen in place. and using copy profile from another char doesn't work. So I reinstall BenikUI from the beginning inside the game. But still, Sexy Maps shoves the Quest list to the side of the screen if it is hence, i am stuck now using the regular minimap and I love my sexy maps.

So I am guessing that something happened when something of those 3 was updated that doesn't want to work anymore together. I now need to figure out how to work the minimap section with the buttons since I haven't yet. Has anyone else had this issue?

I already have Mini Map for ElvUI disabled always have I know that in order for me to use certain add-ons like my map or my bags i need to disable ElvUI's corresponding section for that. This had nothing to do with the MiniMap not being disabled. It was cause I checked. It had something to do with Sexy Maps itself. Because as soon as it was removed. the quest list went back to where I had it.

Sexy Maps not working correctly with ElvUI and Benik Edit

I personaly don't use SexyMap addon but to be sure which addon is causing your issue, you have to go through some troubleshooting.
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/luaerror on
will disable all addons except ElvUI. Then enable SexyMap. If your issue is no longer, re enable your other addons in batches of e.g. 5, in order to grab the one that is causing your issue.
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