For a friend, help needed.

Hello, I don't usually make this kind of post, but a friend of mine really need help for something that is very important to me. I can't believe we still see those things in 2018. I still can't believe peoples abandon their dog this way.

Here the gofundme link for photos and description: https://www.gofundme.com/aidons-tilou

It's in french, however I translated below what happened.
Tilou was found in the woods of Rimouski in a deplorable state, as seen in the pictures above. We took off his cotton coat. But after a veterinary examination, it turns out that we have to enucleate an eye and give him important dental care. We need your help to give him a chance to finally have a peaceful dog life.
So, I know this community is really helpful, and I know if you care about this subject, you will help. So to everyone that would like to help my lovely friend, Thank you so much in advance.

I will upgrade rank to premium to anyone helping her and this dog. Just send a private message on this board if you donated.

Thank you everyone and have a nice day!
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