Blizzard UI Bugs?

Hello Guys, i made some Vids of UI Bugs can you confirm if you get them too with Default UI? Would be nice thanks

1. http://sendvid.com/ys77frg6 (No Bug cause i waited until Vehicle UI loaded)

2. http://sendvid.com/zackgxct (Bug here i didn't waited for the Vehicle UI loading first and pressed "M" for the World Map fast so it's overlapping over the World Map for the first Press)

3. https://sendvid.com/5xxj0g9b (Bug Castbar appearing over the World Map everytime)

4. http://sendvid.com/8jzoi1k4 (Bug Bags appearing over the World Map just then the World Map is opened with "M" first and than you are pressing "B" to open all Bags!)

5. http://sendvid.com/28z11bam (Bug Pet Actionbar moving to the right if you get the Vehicle left Button on the left corner)