So i've been thinking... I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one streaming around here and yet i don't see it anywhere... So why not make a thread about it?

Figuratively speaking, i want you to post here what you usually streaming, around what times you're streaming and how the quality is (can be anything, from quality of the actual stream to your streaming setup)!
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So i'll go first...

Twitch: Dajova

I usually stream any MMORPG i enjoy playing, like WoW, GW2, FFXIV and everything in between!

Streaming usually somewhere between 12:00 and 18:00 CET, sometimes longer if there is anything special going on.

The quality is quite high, with my 250/100 connection and i7 7700K @ 4.2GHz with a GTX 980 card.
1080p 60fps @ 7000kbps

I usually don't use either my mic or cam on when im streaming, but if i get a larger audience, then i unmute both of them, usually :) Just let me know!

Hope to see ya there!
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