Windows 10 BSOD after upgrading from Windows 7, please help

So just like everyone else i had to update to Windows 10, i have 2 computers in the house that were running Win 7 with no issues at all, my main gaming rig updated to Win 10 with no issues at all, my secondary gaming rig started BSODing after the upgrade at complete random times with a "Critical Structure Corruption" BSOD, the 109 code which indicates a driver issue, being an IT i have made several cloned drives in case something happens, good thing i did. I have tried just about everything from reseating RAM, testing RAM, checkdisk on all drives, SFC, updated drivers, uninstalled old programs, run stress tests, no matter what i do this issue is still there ONLY on Win 10, this issue does not EVER occur on Windows 7, i have also tried different BIOS updates, no change, heres my rig in summary:

Core i7 Skylake, MSI Geforce 960, Samsung Evo SSD, Win 7 and 10, 16gb RAM at 1600, 1k Corsair PSU, Corsair water cooled CPU

Here is the dumb file, i am only posting this one since 100% of the time it is the same exact thing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aSYrdO ... a1tdM/view

I have the choice to go back to a 100% working Win 7, whoever i want to make this work, i am completely out of ideas since i have tackled this issue for about 2 weeks now, please help me, any help is greatly appreciate it, thank you in advance