Collection of Feedback

Blazeflack wrote: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:32 am
Atwood wrote: Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:27 am I give my best to help you. And hope it helps you ! So i Updated the 1st Post again Tukz and hope i get an Feedback :)

Regards Atwood!
  1. Suggestion: Remove group search tool on profile page
    No the search tool can be useful.

  2. Suggestion: Move online icon from avatar to be next to name below avatar
    Moving the online icon may be a good idea, but it should probably be on the left side of name. Will check how it looks, thanks.

  3. Suggestion: Align "no posts" text?
    What is the issue here? Moving the "no posts" further to the right as if it had an avatar?

  4. Suggestion: Remove topic count at top and bottom of topic index page and add to topic header instead
    Would look cleaner yes, but need to discuss if the numbers need to be visible at the bottom when a lot of topics are on one page.

  5. Suggestion: Remove "first unread post" link in a topic and make it an icon on the right side instead
    Not a bad idea, if we can find an icon that makes sense in this context.

  6. Suggestion: Remove "total posts number" at bottom of topic page and re-align quickreply box.
    No, the total posts number is needed and the number on an individual post is not the same as seeing the amount of total posts in a topic. The only time the numbers would match is when you look at the very last post in a topic.
    The quick reply box is already aligned perfectly (to make room for avatars too):

  7. Suggestion: Unknown
    What are you suggesting here?

  8. Suggestion: Various tweaks to private message inbox page
    The text used is provided by phpBB localization and is correct English. No need for changes there.
    The export may not be needed for all users, but there is no need to remove it for the people who may want it.
    Adding icon for "Mark all messages read" could be a good idea, provided we can find an icon that fits.
    Message count may be needed at the bottom (see explanation in earlier suggestion), but the top one could potentially be moved to header.
    Statusbar will need to be fixed, same with text in the action dropdown on the bottomright.
Thanks for the suggestions, I covered them all (except one where I had no idea what the suggestion was. There is also one where I'm not sure if I understood the suggestion right.
1. Okay, but i think a Section named "Members" (with sort Function Name, Group etc.) at the Top would be better you see that directly then the other Search Function is Hide in your Profile.

2. It looks better if you do that and add a Red Offline Icon as well instead of no Icon and maybe add a Grey Icon who hide his Online/Offline Status.

3. Yes, Blaze you are right here looks better ;)

4. That's what i mean why Top and Bot? I think you start with the Top Site if you start Searching/Reading so on the Top is enough in my Opion. :)

5. I had an Idea a Post Icon with the #1 over it could be an Idea.

6. Okay, but at the Top are better no Need at the Bot like 4.?

6.1 Yes, it's align but i did a quick Example what i mean how i think it could be look like http://imgur.com/XiHDqqM and that as Quick Reply Box align at the Bot same Style like the Forum Posts and looks smarter :)

7. I'am asking for English Gramma Who is Online "?" <- Missing and for the others i mean the Small/Big Letter Rule Guests not guests etc. (I'am Bad in English so i'am asking sorry)

8. Okay, same reply like the other Reply here. Okay, sorry not the best in English :D okay nice to hear you will Fix that. Idea for an Icon would be three Posts with a Glasses on it?

I tried to Reply your Reply in my best English if you didn't understand a thing please let me know so i can Help :)

Thanks for the Responses!

Collection of Feedback

4 + 6. They are needed at the bottom when there are a lot of topics and you are at the bottom of the page.

5. The icon needs to be from the FontAwesome family. We don't use real icons.

6.1 I disagree, the quick reply box should not look like a regular post.

7. Localization is not a design matter, this is all handled by the forum software and they have localization teams who do this. The language packs are as good as they can be.
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