The loading circle

When loading a new page there's a little loading circle that comes up while the page loads in the background.

I'm not a fan of these in general but quite often on mobile this takes quite a while to load the whole page making me stare at a loading circle for a while instead of being able to read the 99% loaded screen which is hidden behind the loading element.

The loading circle

We added this loading circle because while loading a page or site, the elements/layout of our site are displayed all wrong until fully loaded.

Almost everyone today have fast mobile access or fast internet connectivity, so loading circle is almost non-existent or really fast to load for almost everyone visiting us. It may be a little slow if you are visiting a post with tons of screenshots, like "show your elvui setup" post which has tons of screenshots to load, but otherwise, it take less than a sec to load for the majority of users.

If I remove this loading, the site would be really ugly and deformed while loading and still not be usable/readable. So this will remain active.
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