Donations Page

You should have a page that people don't need to login to in order to donate. I have tried to donate in the past and couldn't, so I made an account to do so. I wanted to donate today and could not because my account was considered inactive and in order to re-activate it, I needed to talk to someone according to the forms but in order to do that I need to log in. You can have a page to donate where a donation can just be accepted and/or where with/without logging in someone can just add their username to which you can apply the donation. It seems to me like you may miss some donations with the present way of doing things. As the email I am using for this I rarely ever use except for when my main one is down, I know I will not be making one tonight. While this may be a rare occurrence, it is an avoidable one. It should also be listed right up top as a main option right alongside News etc.

Just a thought.