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Roman: I would like to recommend adding a download button after describing the add-on (in most cases, people know what they need to download or update) I believe that in addition to going to the add-on page, I add the download button of the add-on itself (there already at your discretion), I think so will be more practical
Simpy: its better to put this stuff in the forum, we have a section for suggestion stuff for the website
Roman: @Simpy can you then propose a post (I'm not registered with you on the forum) thanks in advance
Simpy: ahh, sure
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AddOn page request by Roman  [Accepted Answer]

Honestly I think it would be a bad idea. When you go to the addon page you get presented with information such as changelogs, comments, description about the addon and possibly about how to report errors. There is also a donate button which might encourage a few people to donate to an author who makes something they really like.

If we provide a download button on the lists then people would likely never go to the addon page itself. If you want a quick update then you can use the Tukui Client.
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