Addon Download Issue...

So this might be a repeat of an earlier issue due to another special character in Shadow & Light addon name... When we (Darth Predator) and I had it named on the site Shadow & Light, the download seems to not want to name it correctly nor add the .zip to the end of the file. I then renamed the addon and reuploaded the file and now it works as intended. Only reason I noticed was due to someone having a problem saying it (S&L) had a trojan in it via the client... Which didnt make sense of course... I went and investigated what may have caused the issue...
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Addon Download Issue...

It doesnt prevent uploading of any sort. The problem is when it downloads... It was confusing some peoples antivirus when tukui download would download (not sure if that is true as I have not tried to verify it) but it did seem an issue when you go to download from website as normally the file dialog would pop up with the name prefilled out with the ext being .zip but not in this case... name wasnt correct plus no file extension at all was preselected. To most users that would be confusing.
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Addon Download Issue...  [Accepted Answer]

Just wanted to update this thread to say that I have added more special characters to our escape array.

For anyone interested, the search and replace looks like this now:

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$search = [" ", ":", "\\", "/", "*", "'", "`", "´", ",", "<", ">", "&amp;", "&", "^", "#", "$", "%", ";", "=", "?", "@", "[", "]", "{", "}", "|", "~", "\""];
$replace = ["_", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""];
Any special character detected will be removed from the addon zip file name, while a space will be converted to an underscore _.
This will allow using special characters in your addon name, as long as you only use the ones listed above. If you would like to use other special characters, then let us know so we can escape them properly.
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