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Bottom Left Actionbar gone

Hey guys.

So I'm sure this is a noob question, but I feel like I've tried everything at this point and searching google and these forums hasn't given me the results I need and I'm hoping some of you can help. My problem is my bottom left action bar. A couple days ago I was moving around my frames and I was trying to make my bottom left actionbar be 12x1 instead of 6x2 and I saw that rectangle with the arrow that shows up when you're mousing over the bar, and when I clicked it the frame disappeared completely. I've tried disabling/enabling the addon, disabling/enabling the "Enable action bars" setting, using every combination of ctrl/shift+click/rightclick on the frame when I'm in '/tukui move' mode and others.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

Bottom Left Actionbar gone

Left of the main actionbar you should get that button with arrow again on mouseover.
If you really can't find it. Edit your saved variables for tukui or just delete them and recreate your config in game.

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