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Everytime I log in my UI scale is very very small

I'm not sure what your saying. When I have auto scale on tukui enabled it is the same small UI. When I try to use the number value to manually scale it up everything gets a little stretched and looks weird plus certain parts of UI are not where they should be (cast bars, skada, weak auras) https://puu.sh/yMAk1/edf700a5f2.jpg

When I log in my checkbox on the advanced options is always set for me too but everything is fucked

Everytime I log in my UI scale is very very small

Few possible things:
1. What is your computer screen's native resolution? i.e I have a 24" monitor mine is 1920x1080
2. Check your WoW ingame resolution insure its set to whatever your screen's native resolution is.
3. Are you using an Nvidia video card?
4. If Yes, to number 3 then do not let the Geforce Experience optimize your games.

The Geforce Experience app for whatever the reason whenever you let it optimize your game for whatever reason determines that the best resolution for WoW is an insane res if you are using a 1080p monitor or better. Essentially if your monitor's native resolution is 1920x1080 then the Geforce app will set the WoW ingame resolution to an insane number.

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