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Did you approve the thread to make fun of it? Cool.


I approved it.

And hadn't commented on it as it didn't provide any troubleshooting information or anything useful to help with the issue you are having.
It wasn't even posted in the correct forum. This section is for Tukui, you mentioned you had an issue with ElvUI. There is a specific section of the forums for ElvUI.

At the top of this thread there is a specific topic - Forum Rules

I will link the one for ElvUI though, as you were talking about ElvUI, not Tukui.
[Read Before Posting] Ask For Technical Support: The Right Way.

This is for a few things, it allows you to troubleshoot and in doing so, you may find where the issue is coming from, if not, it provides us with the information to help with the issue you are having, it speeds up the troubleshooting process and it isn't the first reply we give, asking for this information.