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Getting OmniCD to work with TukUI?

No matter how I setup the omniCD addon the anchor will never properly attach itself to the party frame. If I set it up in 2s it works until I want to do 3s. If a 3rd joins the party the party unit frames shift in a way that makes it where the addon isn't lining up next to the correct party frame.

Edit: Even in 2s it'll mess up depending on who joins the arena first. So if I set it up where I joined first and my arena partner is below me, it'll be fine if we keep joining the arena in that order. But if he joins first and I'm below him it'll be locked to the location I set it up first with, which would be his CDs showing up next to my party frame.

2nd Edit: It seems to work properly when I convert the party to a raid, but again if I go from a 2 to 3 player party size or vice versa it gets thrown off.

Is there a way to fix this?