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Minimap right click tracking?

Hello. I saw a post here somewhere that game menu should be on middle click and tracking menu should be on right click on minimap (or vice versa). But I have game menu on both buttons and to toggle tracking I need to "relog-tur TukUI off-login-toggle tracking-relog-turn TukUI on". I looked addon file and found function for this and it has strong

function Minimap:OnMouseClick(button)
if (button == "RightButton") or (button == "MiddleButton") then
Miscellaneous.DropDown.Open(Miscellaneous.MicroMenu.Buttons, Miscellaneous.MicroMenu, "cursor", T.Scale(-160), 0, "MENU", 2)

And I can't find tracking menu function anywhere. Or am I doing something wrong?

Minimap right click tracking?

Sekkyo wrote:
Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:34 pm
Does this still exist in the v17 UI? I'm not seeing it and cannot track anything on the minimap.
Yes, it work exactly the same.
Don't commit on master when drunk.

Minimap right click tracking?

If you install projectAzilroka and enable the squareminimapbuttonbar you can create a tracking button or icon on that bar. Easier to find and to use in most cases.
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

Minimap right click tracking?

For the plugin Tukui location panel, that's a known issue. It removes the location on the map. Thus the click option for tracking.
I'll see if I can fix that in the next couple of days.
TO DO: Leftclick for map. Rightclick for tracking or something like that.

Or just install projectazilroka and use the squareminimapbar. It will add a tracking icon when enabled in its options.
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

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