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Minimap right click tracking?

Hello. I saw a post here somewhere that game menu should be on middle click and tracking menu should be on right click on minimap (or vice versa). But I have game menu on both buttons and to toggle tracking I need to "relog-tur TukUI off-login-toggle tracking-relog-turn TukUI on". I looked addon file and found function for this and it has strong

function Minimap:OnMouseClick(button)
if (button == "RightButton") or (button == "MiddleButton") then
Miscellaneous.DropDown.Open(Miscellaneous.MicroMenu.Buttons, Miscellaneous.MicroMenu, "cursor", T.Scale(-160), 0, "MENU", 2)

And I can't find tracking menu function anywhere. Or am I doing something wrong?

Minimap right click tracking?

For the plugin Tukui location panel, that's a known issue. It removes the location on the map. Thus the click option for tracking.
I'll see if I can fix that in the next couple of days.
TO DO: Leftclick for map. Rightclick for tracking or something like that.

Or just install projectazilroka and use the squareminimapbar. It will add a tracking icon when enabled in its options.
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

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