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Tukui Pet Action Bar


how can i change the format of the Pet Action bar please?
I want it to be horizontal, not vertical.
I want to reduce its buttons sizes (which i found under the general settings),
but if i change the size to something small, i see some irritating and icon overlapping shortcuts like C1 C2 or so on the buttons.

Can anyone help me please? I adore Tukui for its minimalistic aproach and would not love to involve a bar addon for such simple thing.

Kind regards,

Tukui Pet Action Bar

if the text on the buttons isn't to your liking you can hide them under the Actionbar options.

changing the petbar to horizontal requires lua editing and making a external small edit for it. If you are somewhat skilled in lua editing take a look at the petbar code from MaxUI. it's found in the Unitframes./Pet.lua file.

I dont have time at the moment to write a piece of code or help you directly.
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

Tukui Pet Action Bar

Hello Maximvs,

thank you for the comment, if i asume right the option, would hide the button text for all actionbars, and i just want to get rid of it for the pet bar ;)

I will take a look at your unitframes pet.lua, thanks for that hint! How would i use "your" pet.lua with normal tukui?
I would love to begin learning LUA using TukUi and i am (as a Druid tank) god well aware of your nice Tukui Edit xD