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TUKUI update?

Version of Tukui: [18.22]

Did you disable all AddOns except "Tukui" and "Tukui Config"? [I did, yes]

Did you get an error? If so then post it below (use 'code' bbcode):
[your error here]

Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible. If you know how to reproduce the issue then mention that too:
[It just doesn't work I guess. I updated Tukui today and it is not working. The character portrait is not the Tukui version. The chat and loot windows are not the Tukui version. Also the actionbars are not the Tukui version.]

Please include screenshot(s) which illustrate the issue (you can attach them to this post):

Hope you can help me out. I really like this UI hehe.

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