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Target's target bug

Hello !

Since Update 8.1.5, I have noticed two cosmetic bugs: the first one concerns the TukuiToolTip which displays twice the target of the target. The second, using the Tukui 17 theme with the "small" interface, we see that the square above the bar on the right of the screen is not complete.

Thank you for your great work!

Target's target bug

You must use pixel perfection to have a clean perfect ui, using other uiscale can result an imperfection of an element like the square on your screenshot.

I will look at the tooltip bug in the next 24h.
Don't commit on master when drunk.

Target's target bug

@Nyrvan The tooltip bug have been fixed, just download Tukui again.
Don't commit on master when drunk.

Target's target bug

unfortunately the tooltip now bugs out on a different part, check the world map, emissary quests, the reward info is overlapping. Also posted this on GIT under Tickets with a screenshot
Maximvs-Aszune, MaxUI

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